Is Spring a good time to sell your house

Spring is in the air’ – A Spring Time sale

The best time to sell a property, according to records, is the spring time. Winter has hopefully long been gone and the thoughts of summer prevail. Property buyers, want a new start, and start searching for the new dream home. Viewing and potential buyers come out of the woodwork to invade the property scene.

Spring, for most people is a season where changes are thought about, and the start of new chapters in people’s lives. If you are selling your property, spring is a good time to test the water. You may sell your home faster, and be able to use this theory, of people desiring new abodes to your advantage. However, there are steps to enhance your chances of a quick sale, that you should take, to enjoy the benefits of spring selling.

The Garden – The first step

There will be an abundance of properties to sell in your area, so a good first impression of your property is crucial. Your garden, needs to show signs of new growth, and a display of new life needs to be injected into your garden. make sure all signs of winter have been removed. Picking up litter, weeds, broken branches and leaves, is advisable, to create a good impression. Lawns should also be mowed. Take a step back, to see your garden through the eyes of a prospective buyer, is your garden up to scratch?

Spring is a time, when colour is emerging in the garden, a season of re-growth. Your garden can be enhanced by planting flowers, found in spring, daffodils and tulips to name but a few. Showing off your garden furniture, might be an idea. Displaying and ‘staging’ the furniture may be a feature worth considering, if weather permitting.

The Exterior of your property needs attention

Winter periods, wind, all the elements, can have a heavy impact on fascias and façades of your property. Use spring time, when the weather is warmer, and days are longer, to sort out repairs, don’t delay. Potential viewings may occur, when you least expect them, be prepared. Check your roof and windows and don’t forget your brickwork. The exterior maintenance, is equally as essential, as maintenance and décor of the inside of your property. An attractive, well kept garden, is essential. A property that is well looked after, adds ‘kerb appeal’ to your property. If these matters are attended to, you will be in a more confident position for selling.

Spring clean your property

Winter, makes people complacent about cleaning, keeping warm, is perhaps the ultimate goal, thoughts of cleaning are less important an issue. With the arrival of spring, and more sunshine, areas, where dust and dirt have been hidden, come into view and are highlighted and more visible. A good clean or ‘spring clean’ as we say, can do us good, seeing everything at its most shiny and clean. It is essential, to pursue these chores, if you are serious about selling the property. Special attention, is required for mirrors, chrome, hard floors, knobs. Surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly, as streaks and marks are visibly noticeable.

If time is an issue, because of work commitments or busy schedules, it may be in your best interests to hire a professional cleaning company, before your viewings start. To give your home the ‘wow’ factor, and to appear spick and span, and enhance your property’s house values.

Shine the light

As the long winter nights fade, and spring sunshine prevails. This presents an opportunity to change your rooms and let the light shine in. There are more hours in the day, and the natural light can give your house a sense of space. Changing your drapes or curtains, and refreshing your windows, with thinner versions, will let more light in. Dark colours should be replaced by pastel fabrics, suitable to represent springtime season. Blinds should be fully opened, at all times, and windows should be cleaned well and let the natural sunlight shine through.

Spring colours enhance your property

Spring and pastel colours, go together, green and yellows, uplift and create a good feeling with people, when they come to view your property. This sunshine element, may help towards the selling process. These colours must be introduced subtly. It may be a good idea, to work with an estate agent or specialist on ‘staging’ your property. They will identify, what is realistic and necessary to enhance the selling value of your property and help to deliver a sale. changes that may be identified , could result in adding fabric, and soft furnishings, repainting walls, or ultimately changing interior finishes altogether.

The best time to sell your property, is in the spring time, as we have already stated on this blog. It is the time, when there is more potential and demand is heightened by potential buyers being more zealous, in their pursuit of a new home. To be one step up on other houses for sale in your area, be more attentive, in preparing your home for sale. We have given you guidelines, these simple guidelines will enhance your chances for a spring sale. Good luck with this!

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