House values can be reduced by pet smells and odours

The pet versus the house sale- pet smells and odours may lower the sale price and value of your property

First impressions are the most important factor to selling your property. Buying a house is an emotional roller-coaster. Negative impressions can hinder the sale of the property. Even if there is a small scale problem, it can leave the buyer with a negative impression and uneasiness about pursuing a sale. Smells and odours, can be very off putting to a potential buyer. Disruption and smells caused by pets is detrimental. Dogs and cats are a source of companionship to many home-owners. This fact cannot be disputed. But smells and mess are sometimes left by these dis-earning animals. Living on a day to day basis with your pets, produces an immunity to these smells and problems. Potential buyers will notice these problems straight away. This affects house prices in the UK every day. Nobody wants to inherit these traits in their new home.

smelly dog

House valuations – pets can destroy potential sales

Most house hunters are not just interested in buying any property, they want somewhere they can call home. As the song says ‘Wherever I lay my hat that’s my home’ They require somewhere for the family to settle into. Buying a new property requires time and effort, with lots of viewings in the process.

To sell your home quickly, with maximum profit, you need to create a marvellous first impression, and allow potential buyers time to imagine themselves in your home. This is an essential selling strategy. Everything must be pristine, without a hair out of place, to coin a phrase. If the living quarters are strewn with dog hair, unpleasant smells throughout to greet the viewer. These are negative aspects about your property. This may cancel out the positive factors about your house. A sale maybe lost, because of these highlighted problems which can be disrupting if you require a fast home sale –

In the UK many sales are not proceed able and break down due to uncertainty and doubts on the part of the potential buyer. It is your own interests as a seller to ensure your property appears ‘pet free’ This will perhaps produce healthier results and a greater profitable property sale.

To promote a favourable property valuation, signs of pets, such as dog hair etc. needs to be removed

To ensure your property is at its best and has the ‘wow’ factor and to achieve the price you want for your home, removal of all signs of them for viewings is recommended. this may be thought of as a drastic step. When showing potential buyers around your home, don’t forget that most people don’t own house pets. You may love and treasure your animals, grown accustomed to their smells, muddy footprints on the carpet, or long trails of hair, viewers don’t possess these emotions. If you have truly decided to sell your property, you must remember first impressions are the one’s that sell your house.

Viewings minus pets

Whilst people view your property, it is a good idea to have your pets looked after by a friend or in a kennel,to create a good impression of a home without pets. A lot os would be buyers, who don’t like pets may believe the house has been tarnished by their mere presence. By removing pets, from your house, will enhance the chance of the house sale you want and can benefit from.

Removal of all traits and signs of house pets to protect the house price of property

Viewers can instantly acknowledge the presence of pets in the household. It is probably a good idea, not only to remove the actual pet from the home, but any corresponding toys, litter trays, food bowls before a viewing. General housekeeping is required to attend to stains, hairs that may have been left by your pet. A professional cleaning service may be required to perform a more effective and deeper clean.

Odours and smells – neutralising can help generate a house sale

urine stains, and their subsequent smells, can destroy carpets and fabrics and can be horrendously difficult, to get rid of and remove. You may think your home is odour-free, but to a potential buyer, the smells may still be lingering. if you are in doubt about the aroma in your house, ask a neighbour to check your house for smells or an honest relative. There are lots of enzyme based cleaners to use, to effectively dispose of odours. Hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your property is an option. They have specialist knowledge on how to neutralise pet odours.

Most pet owners will hate the idea of removing their precious animal from their premises. There is concrete evidence to consolidate the fact that pets have the potential to affect house prices. The first and last impression that potential house buyers get from viewing your property is critical when selling a property.


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